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After decades of making finely crafted wines in the tradition of the Italians, we decided to reinvent something to compliment the Italian beginnings of the winery. As a marriage of two traditions, Italian and Southern Heritage, Brenda’s Bellini was born.

Our finely crafted Bellini mixer has been honed over years for the perfect tasting sweet peach addition to any drink. While Brenda’s Bellini mixer is often served as a mixer with white wines, it is the perfect addition to almost any mixed drink. Try one of our proven recipes or fun making your own!

Our Classic Peach Bellini Recipe

Our classic Peach Bellini Recipe is perfect for a warm day at the beach or back porch sitting. Follow our simple recipe to enjoy this delightful southern treat.

Mix 3 oz of Bellini Mix and 1 oz of White Wine in a ziplock bag and freeze. Once frozen, crush in the bag until a slush and pour in your glass.

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